Check Out the Action from Red Bull’s Trip to Africa

The scene is burgeoning and we’re excited

A little while ago, Red Bull Skateboarding headed to Africa for a brief tour. They hit up both Ghana and Kenya, even though they are on opposite sides of the continent. The reason for that was simple: Skateboarding is booming in both countries. Hey, anytime skating is emerging in a new place we get hyped for it. Skaters like Jackson Pilz and Yamm Horowitz made the trek, and a couple mini-documentaries came out of the excursion. All that heady stuff is cool, but sometimes you just want to see dope skating. That’s where this “action cut” comes in. Let’s keep it simple. It’s a mix of Red Bull skaters and local names from Kenya and Ghana in action. This will not be the last we see of skateboarders from these two countries, and hopefully soon skaters from other places in Africa will be popping on our radar more and more as well. Dig in above. 

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