Check Out Some Behind-the-Scenes Footage from Red Bull Rippers

The French skate competition went down in 2020 in spite of everything

A little bit ago we talked to you about the 2020 edition of Red Bull Rippers. The annual Red Bull event was back in Marseille, France, though it had to be a little slimmed down this year. Sadly, the pandemic cut down on the fun, but it didn’t kill it. There was a lot of exciting action at the completion, and while we didn’t want to spoil it at the time when the news was fresh, now we can say that France’s own Jean Pantaleo didn’t just win the overall contest, but the best trick competition as well. Way to go, Pantaleo!

Now that Red Bull Rippers has gone down and some time has based, Red Bull has dropped 10 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage on us. Want to see how a competition like this goes down under such complicated circumstances? Or, you know, maybe you want to see some awesome tricks and some great skaters in action. Whatever you want, Red Bull might have it for you. Especially if you are a Jean Pantaleo fan. Check out the footage above.

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