Check Out Leandre Sanders’ Run in Red Bull’s “Solus” Competition

The newly-pro skater is one of 13 in the contest

We mentioned Red Bull’s contest “Solus” previously. The concept is pretty cool for these times of social distance. Thirteen skaters were invited by Ryan Scheckler to put together a run at his private skatepark. They each got an hour to put together their best 45-second run, and all those will be thrown on the Red Bull website. You can check out the website to vote on the videos as well, as the fan favorite award will be doled out on September 30.

Scheckler filmed his own run to kick off this tournament, though obviously he has the home-park advantage. However, that isn’t going to stop other skaters from giving it their best shot. One of those skaters is Leandre Sanders, who only recently turned pro. Will he take the title at “Solus?” Will he win the fan favorite vote? Hey, you’re a fan, why not see if Sanders’ run will be your favorite? You can check out his entry into the contest above.

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