Check Out Jereme Knibbs in the Streets of San Francisco

Everywhere you look, there’s a new trick to get excited about

Some skate videos have fun or clever names. Others just get straight to the point. Take, for example, this new video from Ricta. They are the wheels sponsor of skater Jereme Knibbs. Recently, Knibbs was in San Francisco, a great city for skating. Ricta has put together some clips of Knibbs skating in San Francisco, and the name of the video is…Jereme Knibbs Skating in San Francisco.

OK, so maybe the name isn’t that inventive, for Knibbs’ tricks certainly are. Perhaps Ricta just wanted the focus on be on that. While Knibbs is from Tampa, Florida, which couldn’t be much farther from San Francisco and still be in the United States, he seems perfectly comfortable in the City by the Bay. San Fran is full of hills, and that can always make for some fun skate tricks. See them for yourself above.

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