Check Out Danny Hamaguchi at the West LA Courthouse

Skating, not practicing law

Danny Hamaguchi is a long-time member of the Bones Bearings team, and he seems to stand by the product. We mean, it would be weird if he didn’t. However, Hamaguchi is willing to put his money, and his board, where his mouth is. For a new video from Bones Bearings, Hamaguchi throws some new hardware from Bones onto his board and sees how his board handles now. From the looks of it, things went just fine for him.

Hamaguchi shows us how he puts his board together, and then he shows us his skills with a fresh pair of bearings at his disposal. The skater headed down to the West LA Courthouse, a popular skate spot, to get some grinds in and put together a little highlight reel. If you haven’t skated this spot, it has some real eye candy to it. Of course, it’s not as visually gripping as Hamaguchi’s tricks. See him – and his bearings – in action in the video above.

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