Chaz Ortiz, DGK, and the Chicago White Sox Joined Forces on a Limited Collection

Maybe you can pick something up secondhand!

Chaz Ortiz, a Chicago-based pro skater who burst onto the scene in 2010 when he won the Dew Tour at 18, had quite the experience in his hometown Monday. One, he got to deliver the first pitch prior to the Chicago White Sox game against the Seattle Mariners. Sure, the White Sox are bad, but that’s still cool. Two, Ortiz, the ChiSox, and DGK joined forces to put a limited collection into the mix. 

The capsule collection featured a shirt, hoodie, hat, and even a deck. They are in black-and-white, ChiSox colors, with both the team’s logo and DGK’s logo on the pieces. However, this limited-edition collection was hard to come by. Last Friday you could pick them up at the Uprise Skate Shop in Chicago, and then the items were available Monday at the White Sox-Mariners game. So, if you weren’t in the Windy City, you were out of luck, and even if you were there, options were limited. Don’t give up hope, though! Maybe the collection will pop up online, or on the secondhand market. 

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