Bronson Bearings Heat Up The Streets Of Colorado

Alex, Alexis, Cookie, Jesse, Tre, Roman & Cedric tear up the streets of Colorado!

It seems there wasn't a single spot in Colorado that was safe from being destroyed once these dudes got into town, as you can see in this 17-minute video edited by Jesse Silva.
Sk8mafia Pro's Alex and Alexis hold it down as they get buck on every rail in sight, in both regular and switch!

Dylan Jaeb' look-a-like' Jesse puts his new arm to the test, and his brace doesn't stop him from sending an insane ollie north to fakie; he shows us how to really f*** up some transition.

Cookie, as always, thinks out of the box and tends to throw you off guard with the tech he adds to his lines. Cedric takes it like a boss after he gets smoked on a huge bankdrop, rolling in the crust, and Tre puts down one of the best kickflip crooks on a handrail seen in a long time.


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