Bevup Kills Berlin In One Single Day

When in Berlin, it’s beer for breakfast

Recently Nathan ‘Bevup’ Ko travelled to Berlin for a Blackriver fingerboarding tour, luckily for us, he also managed to find the time to hit the Berlin streets. With beer for breakfast and a first-time filmer to help him gather a few clips, he heads out and toys with some of Berlin’s best spots for his latest YouTube vlog.



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During his time out in the streets, Nathan takes a compulsory trip to Neu National Galerie ‘NAGA’ where he is blessed with a pre-waxed low to high. (If you are a Berlin local, you’ll already know how waxed up this ledge can be). He gets a few noseslide variations on the ledge, by making sure he pays his dues to the ledge-endary spot. He slides them all the way to the end. Just like it should be done!

After skating around ‘NAGA’ for a minute, he then heads over to Kulturforum, but by skating the spots in his own creative ways, and not taking anything seriously, which is one of the main pleasures of watching Nathan's videos, everything comes so easy, and he keeps his viewers entertained with his camera presence. If you like his recent video, you can subscribe to his channel and check out more of his content as he has tons more to offer and is uploading regularly.


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