Streetwear And Apparel Tips From Italy

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Skateboarding culture is heavily linked with style and aesthetic, as visual pleasure and coolness are something that every skater would love to find while watching a trick or a line. Clothing designers borrow a lot from skateboarding trends too, streetwear has nowadays a big role in the market and Italians play their part into it:

Pas De Mer

Pas De Mer's products are a blend of color exploration and classic skate style, deeply influenced by Italian culture and references, tasty as grandma's ragù!

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Dashed Skate For Food

From skaters to skaters, Dashed is another example from Il Bel Paese, producing their own streetwear and skateboard lines blinking to modern trends since 2013.

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Youth Club Milano

Straight out of The Fashion Land, Youth Club Milano is spreading rebellion and graphic research all over the streets with dope products that reflect a real outsider's attitude.

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Doomsday Society

What about Doomsday Society? The brand's history is deep-rooted into Italian street culture and they keep on paying homage to it across the board with an international style.

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Rocking since 2007, Bastard is one of the most popular realities in the country, involved into skateboarding and snowboarding lifestyle, proudly made by those lazy Italians, as they claim! 

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If your last skate sessions left your wardrobe full of trashed t-shirts and ripped pants, discover this apparel land and get refreshed with some real pizza flavor!

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