Beagle is at it Again in the Latest Beagle Tapes Upload

Ready for some mid-2000s action?

Beagle, the longtime filmer for Baker, has spent the last few months dropping videos from his archives on YouTube. Sure, the videos don’t have the same technological mastery or visual quality, but who cares? It’s a great look at some iconic skaters, and honestly, that old-school vibe still works for us. What’s the latest release for the Beagle Tapes series? Well, it goes back to 2005, and it’s a doozy from the archive because it features some never-before-seen footage.

In the video – which is from 15 years ago now and makes us feel super old – features Antwuan Dixon, Eric Hamamoto, and the legend Andrew Reynolds in action. Admittedly, Reynolds pops up in a lot of Beagle’s videos, but we haven’t gotten tired of that yet. It’s 14 minutes of classic skating you have never seen before. Plus, there’s some night filming! In 2005! Want a blast from the past? Then log onto AOL (or not) and watch it above.