Andy Anderson Revisits His Seen Him Project in New Video

This time, he does it in one take

A couple years ago, Powell-Peralta dropped a video called Seen Him. In said video, the Zenga Bros. followed skater Andy Anderson on his route from his house to his favorite local coffee shop. Now, in the present, apparently Anderson had another hankering for coffee, and he decided to revisit Seen Him on his own YouTube channel.



Anderson’s video is called “Have You Seen, Seen Him?” This time, Nigel K. Alexander helped Anderson with the video. He is once again skating the route from his house to the coffee shop, but he’s doing it in one take. This one is blown out a bit, as the original Seen Him is 25 minutes, while this video is almost an hour long. That’s quite the journey! 


DOSE's YouTube channel has more Andy Anderson:

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