Amber Ruffin Learns to Skate with Tony Hawk

And they create a new trick in the process

In the United States, NBC is the home of the Olympics. Because of that, the network goes all out with its Olympics coverage. For the first time, that includes skateboarding. There’s the serious coverage, sure, but it’s not all sports broadcasting-style coverage. Have you ever wanted to see Nyjah Huston talk to Kevin Hart – yes, the Kevin Hart – about skateboarding? Now you can! Hart isn’t the only comedian getting in the mix.

Amber Ruffin, who hosts her own self-titled show on NBC’s streaming service Peacock, got in on the fun as well. Hart got to meet Huston, but Ruffin got to hang with America’s skateboarding ambassador Tony Hawk. Ruffin actually went to Tokyo for the Olympics, and she got to spend a little time with Hawk learning how to skate. They also invent a “new trick,” though we don’t expect to see it in any gold-medal runs in the future. It’s a breezy watch, but a fun one, and a sign of just how much skating has seeped into the mainstream thanks to the Tokyo Olympics.

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