Alexis Sablone Gets Her Own Converse Silhouette

Alexis Sablone Gets Her Own Converse Silhouette

Check out the CONS AS-1 Pro

Alexis Sablone joined the Converse skate team in 2019, and immediately brought her history of art, design, and architecture to the forefront. Previously, she had helped redesign some of Converse’s skate shoes, such as the Louis Lopez and the Purcell. Now, though, Sablone has her own Converse silhouette, making the Olympic skater an even bigger force in the world of skateboarding.


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Unsurprisingly, Sablone was quite hands on when it came to putting together the CONS AS-1 Pro. This is a woman who designed skateable structures in Sweden. You think she can’t handle a shoe? The CONS AS-1 Pro are understated, rocking a white-and-green colorway, but they are designed for functionality on your board. If you like something crisp, clean, and stable when you’re skating, the CONS AS-1 Pro could be for you. Take a look at Sablone’s first silhouette. We assume it won’t be her last. 

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