Albino & Preto Tease a Nike SB Collab

The inspiration comes from the world of jiu-jitsu

Nike SB is no stranger to cool collaborations. Surely at this point there is nothing fresh they can do, right? Wrong! Albino & Preto have hinted at an upcoming collaboration for a new take on the classic Nike SB Dunk Low. This time, the inspiration comes from jiu-jitsu.

The overwhelming colorway is cream, but the material for the uppers is quite different. In lieu of leather or suede, the material is designed to evoke the look of jiu-jitsu belts, which are made of layered cotton. Even the stitching is changed! There are also some white and black color details, which reference the belts worn by beginners and experts, respectively, in jiu-jitsu. In fact, “albino” and “preto” are the Portuguese words for “white” and “black.” We’re still awaiting more detail, but you can check out the sneak peek on A&P’s Arvie Gimeno’s Instagram:



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