Aiden Caruth Puts Roskopp Wheels to the Test for Santa Cruz

The Oregonian gnaws on some tricks like a beaver

Santa Cruz Skateboards, the oldest extant skateboarding hardgoods company in the United States, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. That’s wild! Congrats! Like any Golden Anniversary, Santa Cruz’s celebration includes…the word “vomit.” We’ll let the description Santa Cruz used for their “Rollin’ on Roskopps” video speak for itself, “To celebrate our 50th year anniversary Slime Balls brought Roskopp Vomits to life, a 60mm 97a wheel with reworked original art by Jim Phillips on the OG Vomits shape.”



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What’s key is the man on those Roskopp Vomits (that will never be anything but weird to type). Aiden Caruth is always repping Eugene, Oregon, and the home of the University of Oregon are surely happy with the hometown kid. How could they not be with skills like this? No actual vomit involved, mercifully.


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