Adidas Announces New Lucas Puig Signature Shoe

It’s the latest offering from the French skating machine

Adidas clear loves Lucas Puig, and we can’t blame them. Have you seen the French skater in action? They have already released two Adidas Pro signature models for him, and now a third is on the way. If your last pair of signature Puig shoes have started to wear out, the timing is perfect. The third signature model, simply called PUIG, is on its way.

Puig, Adidas, and Puig’s board sponsor Palace all collaborated on this shoe. “The goal for PUIG was to create something functional for skateboarding but also to incorporate Lucas’ personal style and aesthetic into the footwear,” said Adidas’ Scott Johnston. The shoe will hit Adidas’ online store Saturday, September 19 in an ink/white/gum colorway. Another colorway for PUIG will come later this year if that palate is not for you. Want to see Puig’s latest signature shoe in action? They also released a video to promote the PUIG. Give it a watch, and then maybe get your cash ready to drop on the shoe this weekend.

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