A Journey Over To The Warmer Side of Europe

We filmed a late Dose of Sunshine in Barcelona & Lyon

Just like most of the weather in western Europe, Berlin has this miserable, damp, gloomy, sometimes snowy but always windy weather. October is usually when the cold starts to first creep in and you’re greeted with freezing temperatures. However, just a short flight away sits Barcelona, which remains hot with temperatures staying at well above 22 degrees even at this time of year. As winter starts to quickly approach Germany, it's always better to try and get out and chase the last bit of the sun around Europe while it's still possible. Blessed with 27-degree heat, next to no humidity and everyone being hyped to skate, it’s the best feeling as a skater in Europe, normally that’s put on hold at this time of year and people begin to hibernate due to the piss-poor weather. Luckily for some, by traveling to Barca you can skip a chunk of the normal winter period in exchange for better weather, legal weed and perfect skate spots!

When you step off the bus that brings you from the airport to the city, you’re immediately dropped off at the famous Universitat marble ledges and it’s highly likely that you’ll be greeted by skaters. All you have to do is politely introduce yourself and say ‘Wassup’, 99% of the time, they'll turn out to be new homies and will end up sharing information about new spots, directions or even weed. You just gotta be friendly! The distances to travel from one well-recognized spot to another are usually very short and it’s super easy to move around the different locations - you can pretty much push through the entire city without having to even ollie up a curb, it’s almost as if the architects were skaters themselves!

Watch the full video above or head over to the DOSE YouTube channel.

Just being in Barcelona makes you want to prolong going home and skate more places, so it’s quite normal to hear about people putting off going back home and then end up either staying for a lot longer or taking alternative routes home in order to hit other cities. A good example is the route featured in this video, the connections between Barcelona to Lyon are perfect and also fairly cheap, you travel through the south of France as you approach Lyon, so there are some incredible views along the way. Once you are at your stop and have given your legs that well-needed stretch… You can jump on your board and hit the streets because Lyon is one of the best cities for sightseeing and skateboarding, it’s all wrapped up into one as there are loads of mind-blowing viewpoints as you head further and further down the hills.

Filmed and edited by: Bastain Godoy

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