A Fun-Filled Disaster in Florida

Latest installment of the Worst Skatepark Ever

David Gravette and Bronson Speed Co. have released another episode of their popular Worst Skatepark Ever series, this time featuring his experience at the Florideah Swampfest. Despite the swampy terrain, Gravette takes on the challenge with his trademark fearlessness, dropping into the rideable track made by the organizers.



Throughout the video, Gravette provides funny commentary as he explores the unique features of the park. He highlights the lack of safety nets and OSHA-approved features, and even takes a moment to admire the impressive balls of a dog on the course. However, Gravette also gives credit where credit is due, expressing gratitude to the organizers for putting on such a fun event and allowing everyone to have a good time.

With his bold skating style and witty humor, Gravette continues to entertain and inspire skateboarders and fans alike.


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