8 Essentials No Skater Should Live Without

The bare necessities of (skate) life

It’s a simple life, riding through the city, just you and your board. It’s the ultimate flex really… until you realize you’re not prepared for the day AT ALL and you have to get your mates to spot you for just about every simple need you have. Let’s be real, everyone hates that guy, the one who’s never got their shit together. The one who never has a skate tool and most certainly never has their own Rizla. Don’t be that guy (I personally draw the line when they start asking for a sip of water). This is why we’ve put together the bare necessities of the skate life. And if you’re not that guy, you can send this article to someone who is.

Skate Tool

There are too many skaters that rely on the hope that someone will have a skate tool when they get to the park or spot, which most likely is the case but really everyone should have one. You don’t want to get to the point where your trucks are so loose you have bolts flying out from under you in all directions. You’ll hurt yourself and most likely the scooter kid who just snaked you for the 10th time (probably deserved it though).

You can get all different colors and patterns of skate tools now. We suggest you go for one with a ratchet, as it will make your life 10 times easier when unscrewing that nightmare bolt with worn-away threads.

Spare Parts

These kinda come hand in hand with the tool and no one should roll up hoping another skater will carry their weight by supplying 2 extra bolts or some bearings when yours have blown. Keeping the still-good parts from previous setups will help you to build up your own spare parts kit in no time but if you want to be really fancy, Independent Truck Co. sell a spare parts kit that comes complete with 2 extra bearings, bushings and pivot cups, 8 bolts and a bunch of washers/spacers. 


We’ve seen so many people roll up with candles they’ve presumably robbed for their mum’s dining table. But the thing with candle wax is that it’s not specifically designed for skateboarding and often it can be quite sticky and if you need more convincing, here’s a video that compares the two.
If you’re looking for a super smooth grind, we suggest it’s maybe time to invest in some skate wax and with that we’ve scouted out some cruelty-free options.

Theif Goods - Shadow Skate Wax

Stalph Co. - None of Your Beeswax


Most people wait until they are on the verge of being completely broken before they decide to buy a helmet or elbow/knee pads. But we’re here to let you know that it doesn’t have to be that way! Whether you’ve got a dodgy wrist or you just keep slamming on the same knee over and over, investing in the proper protection will keep you skating for longer and could (not to sound too dramatic) save your life. Route One have a wide variety of protection and pretty much every color of helmet you can think of. Any big bowl deserves a proper shred but in the wise words of Wu-Tang, you gotta ‘Protect Ya Neck’ - *slyly adds to Spotify playlist*. 

Water Bottle

We sweat (a lot), therefore we need to keep our hydration levels at 💯.
Investing in a large water bottle will keep you sipping throughout the day and save you tonnes of money in the process. It is also one of the most simple and obvious ways to reduce your single-use plastic consumption so really it’s a win-win. We recommend 1-1.5L bottles as they carry a decent amount of water which you’re bound to get through pretty quickly, especially in the summer. Bambaw are a sustainable company doing absolute bits for the environment right now and their bottles are just the right amount of steel and bamboo.

For more tips on keeping yourself hydrated, check our previous article here.

Skate Backpack

Whether you’re regularly cycling to your local or just need your hands free, a backpack with skate straps is something every skater should have. It makes things super convenient, especially if you often do your weekly food shop after a sess (honestly, try carrying a board and a basket round Tesco, that’s both hands already taken, now try to reach for something on a high shelf without dropping everything, it’s a nightmare). Eastpak is our go-to for comfort and stability in the backpack department.

Alternatively, if you’re not really a backpack kinda person, there is also a shoulder bag option that comes with skate straps. We love the 5TRAPT bag which is available on their Depop.

Portable Speaker

We all need the vibes supplied. How many times have you tried a trick over and over to not succeed and then as soon as you pop your headphones in, you get it first try. It’s a thing, trust. 

So why not share that experience with people by getting a JBL portable speaker, music really brings people together and the right tune could be what’s missing from your tricklist.

Portable Charger

POV: it’s the end of the sess, most people have gone home and darkness is creeping in, you’re *so* close to landing that hardflip over the hip and you just can’t give up now. Your buddy is filming you, you’re on 1% but boom, you land it, only for your phone to die right at the time of action. THIS is why you need a portable charger. The Nimble 3 Day Portable Charger is a great option as it is made from plant-based bioplastics, recycled aluminum and comes in plastic-free packaging. It’s a lot more eco than your average porty.

And that just about wraps it up for the skate essentials, we hope this inspired any leeches to go and get their own shit and for anyone just starting out in the world of skating, definitely get yourself some pads. You can thank us later. 

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