700K The Video

Former Illegal CIV Filmer Releases 700K video

Brooklyn's popular online mag Jenkem interviewed Dalton Palacio (former Illegal Civ filmer), and they also released his new full-length skate video named "700k."

The name came about after Fucking Awesome rider Logan Kirshak claimed that Mikey Alfred was trying to finesse him out of 700k for his party by claiming that's how much it cost to pick up the camera on the days they previously filmed; therefore, that's what it would be in order for him to keep his footage.

This was barmy, especially considering how old Mikey is; he already had a bad image since Gifted Hater called him out for being a poser and a fool towards the kids he was 'supporting'.


So, as you can imagine, multiple things ended up getting people in the skate community angry and fired up to the point that some of the last Illegal Civ riders boycotted him due to how ridiculous this had all gotten.

Since Palacio was blocked by Alfred when he asked to buy the footage, and now he's decided to just release the skate clips that were supposed to be for "Hell Week," so it could be that Jenkem ends up in the firing line and receives some backlash from Illegal Civ as Alfred was asking his fans to punish Kirshak and his other critics. Sit back and check the footage that has been causing this total chaos while you can.

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