10 ‘Easy to find’ Objects For Street Skating

Some simple finds that can help you in the streets

So your spots suck, huh? It's ok; here are some easy-to-find objects that will help your street skating:

1. Street/road signs.

These can be used to block up a gap on the take-off or landing, also helpful when you need to get up a small curb or lip when approaching an obstacle or spot.
I Highly recommend taping the sign down at the edges. Otherwise, it can fail miserably when your front wheels decide to belt it forwards, causing you to get stuck anyway.

2. Pallets/crates.

Pallets and crates are good for making self-made spots more stable and, in most cases, bulking up a kicker.

3. Road barriers.

Depending on what kind of road barrier you happen to find, these can be good as a natural quarter pipe, or if you get the plastic ones, they are mostly good to use as a down ledge or high flat bar. The old-school metal fences are best for that approach, stick a couple of sandbags at the bottom of the legs, and you're good to go!

4. Scaffolding.

Just like the barriers, scaffolding can be a great way to make a down rail or flat bar; in most cases, you're just left with a steel pole and not much else, but there's always a way to make it work; if you see sandbags or large rocks around, then you can try to find a stable way of propping the rail up even if its just for hippy jumps. If you're full of initiative, you can cut down the pipe and take it to a DIY location for a coping donation!

5. A broom, or a long leafy branch.

This one is one of the best on the list! There's nothing better than getting to the dirty spot and finding a broom close by, but if there isn't one, you can still be lucky enough to come across a long branch covered in leaves if it's not the wrong time of year for it! And yes, it works perfectly.

6. Plywood.

Of course, if you find this anywhere, you know it's going to be a good makeshift session, finding plywood, where there is anywhere with a smooth floor, is always an invitation to get creative and build some shit.

7. Fridge.

If you live in a city, then you're pretty lucky. You can find Fridges, TVs, Beds, and bits of random furniture all over the place, and these are sometimes just a straight-up ready-to-go ledge. So I also consider the refrigerator to be at the top of the list.

8. Sofa.

Apart from constantly reminding me of 'Ghetto Spot' in 'Skate 3'.
Well, apart from looking cool when you skate it, many filmers also appreciate this thing as they get to sit their ass down with a beer afterward!

9. Loose tiles.

A loose tile can also be the ultimate kicker! All you need is another board, some big rocks, or a sandbag, and you can prop that thing up to match your desired angle.

10. Concrete or Bondo.

There is a difference between "finding" and "stealing," so please don't steal any items from this list. Still, if you manage to stumble across some abandoned bag of concrete or Bondo, then with a little youtube video check, you can start patching up the rough take-offs and landings of spots that are too crusty to skate.

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