Will Miles Heads to Italy to Shoot Lambrusco

We haven’t said “Mamma mia!” this much since the ABBA musical

Will Miles is a filmer based in London, and he’s made some mighty fine videos over the years. He doesn’t just stick to England, though. Miles took a trip to Italy to put together his latest edit, and he was able to find a lot of skaters to help out. The actions is fast and furious, even if there is nary a Vin Diesel sighting.

The video is called Lambrusco, and it’s entirely a Miles production. Italy plays host to several skaters, not all of them native Italians. We’re talking the likes of Casper Brooker, Dwayne Coleman, Aref Koushesh, Darius Trabalza, and many more. We don’t want to leave anybody out, but you will see them all if you watch the video, which we recommend. Lambrusco features slick editing, the sights and sounds of Italy, and some great skating. Watch it all above, right now.

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