Nike SB and Atlas Skateboarding Collaborate on New Shoe

And Shaun Baptista puts it through its paces

We’re a few days past Talk Like a Pirate Day, but our timbers are still feeling shivered after checking out this video. Nike SB and Atlas Skateboarding have joined forces for a new shoe, the Dunk High Pro. Atlas has been a staple of the Bay Area for years, and that seems to have given some creative folks the idea for the video introducing this new collab. The announcement video is called Lost at Sea, and it’s so nautically themed you might as well have an anchor tattooed on your bicep.

The video features skater Shaun Baptista donning the Dunk High Pro. He puts it to the test while trying to avoid seasickness. Sure, he’s on land, but the wavy graphics give you the vibe that he may have needed some Dramamine anyway. Hey, if the shoe can keep its grip even with all the water around, that seems like a point in their favor. Even if you aren’t interested in buying a pair of the Nike SB and Atlas collaboration, the video is still worth a watch.

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