Indy Drops Some Incredible Nassim Lachhab Clips on Us

Lachhab is a pro and it shows

Nassim Lachhab has only been a pro for less than a month, but he’s had the skills to do it for quite some time. The Moroccan can now drop new parts and videos as an actual professional, and he’s starting to do that already. Lacchab’s truck sponsor Independent has a new video featuring his skills in action. Watch it once, and you’ll realize this how pro skating thing is going to work out just fine for him.

The video is edited at a pace that matches Lacchab’s, and its packed to the brim with great stuff. He’s even riding switch in a lot of the video! The dude can get massive air whenever he wants it seems, which is fitting for a skater with a career that is soaring. We look forward to seeing what Lachhab can do now that he’s pro and can focus all his attention on making great videos. Get to know the new pro above.

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