Free’s new Video Dives Deep Into Russian Skateboarding

You’ve probably never seen a skate video like this

Here’s a phrase that’s new to us: A video backed by the Russian Skateboard Federation. Apparently there is such a thing, and apparently they are in part behind the project that became the video Altai, which was released by Free magazine recently. Now, we know what you might be thinking: “Oh, I’ve seen skate videos in Moscow before. That’s cool, and I will watch it because I love your site and everything you do please never leave us, but I’m not super excited.” First, thank you for the kind words. Second, this is not like any skating video you’ve seen before.

Altai was filmed alongside the border between Russia and Mongolia. It’s not the spots in the country we’re used to seeing. This is a whole different world of skating, and just living, frankly, and it’s pretty interesting from a cultural perspective as a skating perspective. Not that the skating isn’t fun, of course. The video is filled with Russian skaters, and it was filmed and edited by two Russians as well. Why not take a rare trip to the Russian-Mongolia border by watching this video?

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